Insanity (Of the Unfortunate One)”



“Insanity (Of the Unfortunate One)”
Humiliation felt
I know
But there is no answer
For what you’ve become
Experienced things that
Many have not
But you could have been better
Than what you’ve become
Turn the page to find a
True disgrace to those
Who keep it inside
You lie of the pain we feel
Have most fooled
But some see through
Yes the lies will surface
The ink of circus stars will perish
With your dying flesh
And no one shall remember
Your legacy
All your lies remembered
With your dying breath
Bastard son
No color
You’ve forgotten
Your own father
Have you even tried
To remember him?
Lie of achievements
Many have mastered
But you have
Accomplished none
Try to harm those
With good intent
The same to rip down the circus tent
And take away all your fun
Aaaaagggggghhhhhh, insanity
Of the unfortunate one

Reached out for help
I was there
Until I
Uncovered the truth
Come to find out
There is no you
There is no truth
Of who you are
Did not want a cycle
So let time expose you
Yes I should have known better
To fall for the stories you told
Should have seen the side
Of who you really are
Turned the page to find
You’d turned the page on me,
The one you really knew
But eventually
These stories get old
And as your flesh shall rot
All your lies forgotten
The one you thought you’d never be
Life of achievements
You’ve never mastered
And you have befriended none
No brother, no friends
No mother, the end
All forgotten by you
You mock those
Who always try
To paint a smile
While all the while
You’ll never smile
You could have been the one
Aaaaaagggggghhhhhh, insanity
Of the unfortunate one
~Jay Shealy 7/31/2018



“The Indigenous” by Jay Shely


“The Indigenous”
You, an ancient one
But somehow
Still portray beauty
Take from the land
And wear it
Like a trophy
But just as the land
Gives to you
You always give back
When it comes down to it
That’s who we are
But so many have forgotten
But you
You remind me
Of everything
We used to be
As this won’t last
A world of excess
A world of power
Will overthrow itself
No need for war
They fight their self
For that is why you are
The ancient one
You still portray beauty
When all is gone
Wear the medals of nature
For you have earned them
No power will overtake you
For you were before them
Poetry by Jay Shealy 2018

Salome II



Thy Master by Jay Shealy


“Thy Master”
28 years into the 19th century
Loved you
Then misunderstanding took place
2 years later
Burned you
Didn’t want any soul to see this place
But sooner than later I’d bring you
Back to life
A love but forgotten in time

As I birthed through pen
A tale of intense gloom
And Woland, a man eternal
To bring his friends to you:

Koroviev shall disgust you
And make you turn away
Behemoth shall haunt & mistrust you
Cut you with words from say
Azazello shall stalk & hunt you
Taketh your life away
And Hella, she shall scorn you
Cause suffering every day

And all these friends of Woland,
Of words they would promote
“The new elite we take
As nothing but a joke”

Woland has a lover
Who will soon learn to fly

She sings:
“Spring full moon at midnight
On a cross you die
On this night I thrive

As I am cleansed & immersed
In the rivers
Grant my wish
(The first shall be of two)

The first
A bloody cloth shall no longer rest
On she who sought
To bathe in self interest”
Woland grants the wish
But says he then
“Only think of You”

As she says
“Then grant this wish
The second to be with love,
The one of dark intent

But Woland can’t accept
This chosen way of life
So along comes Azazello
To send the pair along
In a region of Dante’s Limbo

Walk upon the moonbeam’s path
Yes walk among the moonbeam’s path
And worry not
Of Heaven or Hell

~Jay Shealy 2018

The Fairy Forest

We entered the Fairy Forest: Katia Wojtkow, Christophe Szpajdel and Valgerd Kossmann…Where the lights cannot come, where the secret channels the infinite extension of darkness… The nights are very dark… So come to our grotto… There is a music and the glow of Magic fire. Look into our eyes… Joy arose in our heart. You shall find the way into the Fairy Forest … Work in progress…. Illustration for ” The Fairy Forest ” our exhibition in Belgium 🙂


Aura Noir-Dance of Petals


Aura Noir-Dance of Petals in Contest
Kythorn ~ The Time of Flowers ~ Black and White ~ June 2018 for Fantasy Attic



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Zachary Presents:

Private Promo renders for product “Rocky set for Genesis 8 Female” designed by Phil Zachary! Aurora SuitCat G8F-V8


Private Promo render for products “Rocky set for Genesis 3” designed by Phil Zachary! I used: Rocky Boots, Rocky Tank Top, Rocky Pants for GENESIS 3 Females. More renders with this products soon… This is link to his awesome store! 🤘🎶🎸



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