My own mythology


My own mythology… My wounded whisper..The only thing you hear… work in progress.. I do not want to make something like an ancient re-enactment because, the scholars are constantly changing their theories, so I want to go my own way, build my own mythology with new names and stories and only slightly give my pictures a magical atmosphere… Tools: Daz Studio, Nik Collection, Photoshop, FilterForge… Inspiration from


Last Night I found challenge connected to Zbigniew Beksinski at forum created by Val Cameron. I feel big respect to this painter and his son Thomas. Long time ago I was inspired by Sumerian mythology and generally ancient civilizations. I decided to do a whole series of images devoted to this fantasy theme. I used character Mystics for Victoria 6 and mixed with figure Sith, added the background made with FilterForge…



Light and Darkness


Light and Darkness

Tools: Daz Studio, Topaz, Nik Collection, Photoshop….
Made with: DM Grotto, Skies of iRadiance – Night Sky HDRIs for Iray, Mystics by chevybabe25 and gypsyangel, Orestes graphic-trees, bushes and falling leaves… Ghost Bride Dress for Genesis 3 Female(s), Ajax Hair Bundle for Genesis 3,


Incantation to the Blackness


Tools: Daz Studio, Photoshop, Ron’s brushes and Nik Collection

Psychomanteum-school of magic


Psychomanteum-school of magic

Tools: Daz Studio, Nik Collection, Photoshop,

*** Psychomanteum is an old school of Magic… Only people with exceptional skills are recruited. Two girls Lorrine and Arkeine from the same village were invited to the school. Both passed the tests and started with their initiation. Once Arkeine disappeared … What happened to her? They have never found her body, but the legend says that sometimes in school you can hear strange whispers and singing … Lorrine is an old sorceress…This was a long time ago…she is having sights…

Old Mage


I made another illustration “Old Mage” and used character which remind me about Anthony Hopkins… Tools: Daz Studio, Nik Collection, Photoshop…


Realism- Portrait of Dylan


Ethereal Journeys

Attractive woman, flowers and bright colors are a symbol of beauty, the fame of which every model enjoys. Her scar is the price she must pay for her glory. Anorexia, prostitution, crime scene, drugs, alcoholism, depression, suicide, violence, sexism are just some examples of what a woman can experience. Thistle is a symbol of pain, protection and pride. This render is a tribute to all those beautiful women who died and those who are at the beginning their adventure with modeling.