Robert Ruisinger


Robert Ruisinger is German 3d Artist who lives in Bavaria about 100km north of Munich. We know him from Daz Studio where he submit very often very interesting renders. He has little experience when it comes to some programs like Photoshop, Bryce, Strata Studio Pro, Cinema 4d. He is inspired by paintings famous artist like Salvador Dali, Giger, Bosch and Ernst Fuchs. More information about him, you can find in interview.

Artienne: What made you decide to devote your life 3D Art. What was the first impulse? Why did you choose Daz Studio instead Poser?

Robert: The first impulse of 3D where the first CGI effects in movies.

Not that I wanted to recreate such things, but it was the first Wow, what visually can be done with computers.

I played around with some kinds of 2D programs since I had my first computer.

I had a connection to Daz since they became the home of Bryce, which I used for a long time.

Two or three years ago I tried Daz Studio just for fun and I liked the handling. So I stayed with DS.

I still have Poser 10 installed, but I use it very seldom.

I played around with some kind of 2D programs since I had my first computer.


Artienne You said that you are self-taught and have no education when it comes to the graphics.  What were the main sources of training that you used? which kind of books can you recommend to start adventure with 3d? What knowledge is essential?

Robert: First, I started with simple tutorials on the internet. And the early programs came with this printed books as a user manual with much essential knowledge.

Nowadays you can find almost everything on the internet. A good source with some fine tutorials Shiba Shake’s 

I think a good place for books end e-books is 

Learning how to use lights in your scenes is one of the most important things.


Artienne:  Autumn Sunrise, Sunrise 2 or Garden With A View- are the most interesting illustrations you have done. Is the earlier experience with the program Bryce, Strata Studio Pro or Cinema 4D was helpful during creating?

Robert: Yes, I think so. And the fact, that I love beautiful landscapes. 

Especially the  experience with Bryce as a Landscaping Program is still helpful for images like this and creating backgrounds or environments.


Artienne: Surrealism is not a movement. It is a latent state of mind perceivable through the powers of dream and nightmare.” One of your renders “Night Ride” reminded me a little bit about artwork of Salvador Dali. I don’t think here about style or technique but ideas and atmosphere. What you think about surrealism and how big influence has on your artwork? 

Robert: I love Dali and Max Ernst for example since I was very young.

Yes, ideas and atmosphere and the way of the manifestation of the unconscious mind is what I like most about Surrealism. 

That are the main influences of Surrealism for me. 


Artienne: When I saw your render ” Faunessa” I wondered if Ancient Greek and Roman mythology and art was inspiration for you to make render? 

Robert: Really? Not conscious, I had that nice new creature and I like that kind of pose. The environment came at the end.


Artienne: What 3d artists exerted the greatest influence on your work? You said that during the last year you learned a lot from other artists. Did you think to take care of designing and creating your own character using for example Maya, Zbrush or Sculptris?

Robert: When using Bryce, I tried to learn from the wonderful Angel Estevez. He’s got the perfect sense for creating atmospheric landscapes. I really love his art.

For the work with Daz Studio, I have to mention at the very first place Shiba Shake.

We were connected via Patreon, where you can support artists and as a reward the share tutorials and files.

Learning other views and ways of working can improve your skills very much.

Creating my own characters could be a step in the future, I find it very interesting. 

But this takes a lot of time and learning again.

So I first will practicing with the available characters.

Artienne:  What do you do when you are lack of inspiration? Do you have any ways to stimulate creativity? Which kind of movies and music do you like? 

Robert: Sometimes I rework old ideas with new abilities. Or I go out into nature and don’t think about 3D 🙂

My taste in movies and TV Shows is very wide. In music, I like the hard and dark tones very much.

For example, I love a lot of Scandinavian Metal Bands.


Artienne:  I don’t think that art, if it’s isolated and specialized, can really create culture. It needs a cult. Can you agree with Ernest Fuchs? 

Robert: Hmm. I think it could create a sort of subculture, and from there it could grow a sort of cult 🙂


Artienne:  Any plans for future?

Robert: Making better images and perhaps making my own music again.



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