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 It was a dark and stormy night…..when the moon hid behind the clouds , the wind gently sways crimson waves … From the curtain come spirit which take you tonight to France, a country where Charlemagne ruled, where the wine is best, where the birds are singing so joyfully, where you discover the huge trees, great lakes and rivers full of fish and fantastic Celtic music. Tonight enigmatic artist Lamuserie, will talk about his experience with music and 3d world.

Artienne: How was your first meeting with the music? Do you come from a family of cultivating musical traditions? You wrote me that your parents sent you to the school where you had to choose an instrument. Why you have chosen flute instead of another instrument like a guitar, a violin, or a French horn?

My father was a military officer, a sick man in power. He wanted me to make a musical instrument I had no choice. I wanted to do the trumpet but he did not like the schedules and told me you will make the flute. He was a violent man and child physically I was too weak to resist him




Artienne: Why did you want to study music at the conservatory in Paris? Is France has no private schools where you could study jazz, rock or other directions like engineering sound? I think that you had to be fascinated by classical music and orchestral sounds?

Lamuserie: My father wanted me to make music only to be cultivated and to be superior to others not to become a musician or to develop a sensitivity. When he was told that I had the level to make my life it was hell. The conservatory of Paris is free when you have the level, my father controlled the money, from 15 years I worked to have pocket money. It must be understood that I was the only one to have a learning flute while everyone was playing with flute in silver or gold.


Artienne: When you decide to be a circus artist? Have you ever had experience with acrobatics? What was your job in the circus before you become a teacher?


Lamuserie: I was the opposite of the sportsman. Alcoholic, depressive, drugged, writer.

In addition since I have fifteen I suffer from a terrible hormonal imbalance and I for several years undergo a treatment that forbade me any competition if I practiced a sport but I lived with a contortionist trapezist and overnight I went from zero to ten hours of training a day and I finally got to sleep ihihiihih I had a level Friendly in fixed trapeze and an enormous level in juggling. The work of the juggling is very similar to the work of a musical instrument, repeating repeating and repeating for hours. That’s why I still have respect for learning classical music. It is a difficult method that causes suffering but has given me the confidence to learn what I want and get a result.

la-jeune-fille-aux-crocodiles_1Artienne: The big surprise for me is that in the circus you discovered Irish music and dance. Many French musicians, which I know is fascinated by Norwegian music and folklore. Can you play Irish fiddle or bodhran? How about your musical inspirations? Which artists has big influence on you?

Lamuserie: When you live from the stage, from the show, you travel a lot and you work in festivals with enormous diversity. I have a bohdran, an electro acoustic fiddle. In France we are taught to hate the north of Europe. Must really understand that politics in France is in school, in culture everywhere. To listen to Norwegian rock, to read Stieg Larsson, to love the cinema of Lars von Trier is to be a neo-Nazi, it distresses me and it is very sad.

For example, all children learn that Charlemagne is a hero, a good man who built schools but never learns the massacres they committed.

There are hundreds of groups that I admire or respect but Four great musical influences that will have marked me: Dead can Dance, Portishead, Bobby McFerrin, Debusse.




Artienne: I understand that you are composing  music on your computer? Do you have your own studio? How is the process of creating sounds?

Lamuserie: Yes I have my small home studio. At the beginning I started with a sound recording, a riff that I found on bass, guitar a few notes to the flute but it is the nefr to mix the real sounds and sounds of virtual instruments and then it Allows me in my mind to separate music and work from sound. On a computer it’s sound, live with an instrument it’s music.


Artienne: On the internet we can not find your photos and you are more known under the name of LaMuserie. Why you are hidden artist? Why you have desire to stay in the shadow?

Lamuserie: The scene, music or internet is rotted by narcissism I try to protect myself; On some social networks my avatar is a selfie, it was a very big work on me and for people who know me a real revolution ihihihiihih


Artienne: You mentioned that you wanted to become a writer like Clive Barker? Why horror literature?  What you think about Steven King, Graham Masterton and Lovecraft?

Lamuserie: Apart from the cycle the dark tower, I read everything Stephen King is an incredible storyteller, I read everything Lovecraft is powerful but too suggested, unfortunately its themes were certainly too innovative in the way of Edgar Poe for his time. Matheson never knew how to score. Unlike many I consider it a Dean Koontz, good stories of good work but nothing more.

As I said, neither my childhood nor my early teens was not happy but really not ihihiihih and I always try to understand the most unhealthy impulses of the human and for me Clive Barker even though It often involves the supernatural focuses a lot on the human his impulses today even his universes fascinate me I would like so much that he write us a version of fifty shades of Gray ihihihiih I like this opposition of beauty and The purity of art and the decay of man is something that obsesses me.


Artienne: How long did you work as an artist 3d? What were your first steps with 3d? Have you finished there any special courses? Which kind of knowledge is important to start work as 3d artist?

Lamuserie: It’s been a little over two years now that I do daily rendering 3d, I like to learn by myself, analyze my mistakes. If I have a piece of advice it is to consider that everything is only lights, the way light reflected on matter is what allows our brain to determine whether it is metal plastic when we think about it It’s totally crazy it’s amazing. This is a great power that we all have, we do not need to touch to know what material it is ihihihii and not spend his time comparing otherwise we get discouraged and do not produce anything.


Artienne: When I saw your illustrations the first time I had the impression that you also have some experience as a photographer. Your characters are very well positioned with right angle. Which render do you like most? What is the biggest influence when you a making render?

Lamuserie: I have always seen muses all around me. Very early I loved women and so fashion, “haute couture ” makeup, I have an incredible collection of magazines that is my culture. My last fiance who is dying of anorexia, was High-fashion mannequin is my daily if the days were longer I would do traditional art, oils, acrylics, charcoal, watercolor but the 3d is faster and I can Practicing at the same time as working the mixing of the music because I really am not gifted for mixing ihihihihi


Artienne: Did you thought to make some kind of animation by using Octane with your music? How is your plans for the future?

Lamuserie: If one day I find more time can be, you know a couple of months ago a girl dancer that I have not seen for years has offered me a job in Saint Martin Caribbean, life is so unpredictable in negative or positive. Over time I come to think that either one lives life or one lives his plans but not both ^^








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