Purple Dream


I made first version of Purple Dream a few month ago. I was not sure If I would like photo-manipulation or illustration which will look a little bit like drawing so I left this project and have forgotten about it. Today I found my old render which wasn’t even finish and started work with image in Photoshop. My goal was to integrate character with background, pink purple flowers, fog around so I use filter soft light, after played with 2 different plug in and program Photo-Matix Pro. I added Ron’s Brushes “for” on her hair and around to make more “dreamy atmosphere”.


After a few minutes I decided re-making my render but I set new goal and wanted make render like a illustration. I used this same character called Brooke. After I used effect”shadows recover” and “strong details ” in Topaz and mixed in Photoshop two different version of this render. I have got interesting result but more stronger colors and details on her skin. I don’t know which version is better but it was fun to play and do something creative.



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