Autumn Equinox Meditation


Everything in the Universe is vibrating, nothing is still. Somethings vibrate harmoniously while others vibrate discordantly. Anything that is balanced and healthy has a harmonious vibration. Anything that is unbalanced and unhealthy has a discordant vibration. All natural things, such as plants, animals, crystals, when not tampered with by man, have harmonious vibration. Ultimately human beings are seeking balance and harmony.  First character represents Autumn who came to us with her treasures, positive warm colors, the second is human being just looking for connection with the nature. Meditation is just the way to help us to find right path.

I used characters like Olimpia 6 and Rune 7 from Daz Studio and Orestes bushes with falling leaves. Also I used soft focus filter and after I made post work in Photoshop.

Tools: Photoshop, Topaz and Daz Studio.

Credit to Radesky for the background

*non commercial use only



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