Interview with Angel Estevez

Angel Estevez is 3d Artist, who was born in Spain, but he is living in Brazil now. He has great experience and skills when it is comes to Digital Art and traditional painting as well.

I work in the field of education. I am an enthusiast of arts in general, being self-taught in digital art since 2001. I appreciate many art styles but my preferred one is the abstract. Having started my career doing digital art, currently I also do traditional painting. I hope that people who see my artworks share the same pleasant feelings that I had in creating them.



What were the beginnings of your adventure with 3d graphics in Bryce and why it has become the biggest passion? You started work with graphic in 2001. Do you remember your first painting, or design? 

When I bought my first PC in 1994 I installed Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop and started to have fun experimenting with family photos and some drawings, then one day searching the Internet on landscape painted in Photoshop
found an advertisement of the landscape in Bryce at the time I was very curious how a program could create 3D landscapes. Acquired Bryce 4 and found strange the interface seemed “very complicated”, I began to search for landscapes
with Bryce, were awesome but due to my inexperience landscapes I tried to create were horrible, but everything in life you need to persevere and not give up. I still have some images that I created and when I see I’m laughing so bad
they are. It’s been 15 years and continue with Bryce even though it is already outdated compared to other programs such as Vue, but do not care, like it anyway. Some artists have asked me why I did not start using the Vue but
I have no interest. I “rowing against the stream” if you know what I mean.


When I see your landscapes “Calm the river”, “tropical island”, “Along the river” I have the impression that you are inspired by Brazilian nature?

No, I like tropical scenes, In my mind I see in tropical scenes something of mystery that I like, there is no relationship with Brazil.
When I saw some of Jurassic Park movies was thinking maybe I could try to create some similar scenea bit unlikely with the resources that Bryce offers. But try does not hurt anyone 🙂


 In your gallery we can find abstractions. Where do you get ideas? What is so special about that? What is most important for you when you are working with your digital painting? Harmony or ending result?
Some people believe that that abstraction is not art. What you think about it?

I have great pleasure in creating abstract ideas appear in many ways there is a formula; doing experiments, something that comes suddenly at random references to famous artists in this art, sometimes I’m creating a landscape
and stop to create an abstract that came in mind. I have several abstract that started and not finished yet, sometimes return them. Sometimes I have an idea directed to an abstract and determined as will creating the idea completely
changes and step to do this other abstract. I have sold various abstract for several purposes for people and companies, among the best known companies are Philco and course are used as illustration for advertising to sell its products.
The abstraction is enshrined in the art world with fascinating works such as Kandinsky, Miro, Pollock and many other great masters. Pollock has a frame, which is considered one of the 50 most important in the world.
Some people do not like abstract art but is simply a personal matter.
In my opinion it is more difficult create an expressive abstract that a beautiful landscape.


 Pablo Picasso once said that it took him long time to “learn painting like a child”. Is a return to pure form is also important for you? What you think about art of Salvador Dali?

Certainly, we have the Naif Art where we observe a very interesting innocent concept that totally escapes the academic patterns.
Dal is in my opinion one of the rare geniuses of painting, his works are fascinating in every aspect and incredibly creative.
It seems that he saw the world in a different way “a dream world.” I read an article when he was already very ill and disillusioned by the doctors where he said that “the geniuses should never die”.


You are working in a field related to education. What do you mean? Is your education connected to art? You are a teacher of art or do you have only courses for young artists like for example Boris Vallejo with Julie Bell?
No, the company I work for is linked to education. It is a conglomeration of university schools, I am human resources manager. The art over there and deal with people. 🙂


Traditional painting is also your passion. What is the best part about working with oils? How do you choose the subject of your painting?
Traditional painting is just a curiosity I had to try to understand how to work with paints, most of my paintings I give gift for friends and family and also have pictures in decorating my apartment.
I have a preference to paint with acrylic because the oil is toxic and it takes much longer to dry, but in some paintings oil is more favorable.
The theme is in accordance with the inspiration when I’m going to paint or it is a style that someone asks me. I use paint when I’m a little bored in PC use.


How would you describe your art and present it influences other artists? Do you think that the traditional painting is threatened with extinction?
The influence of other artists and quite common consciously and unconsciously, is a living wheel. In my opinion another influence.
The traditional painting is part of our history and I believe that will never be extinguished in contemporânio world are showing other artistic expressions such as digital among others, but the traditional painting will always have its place.


At which point the artist can say about himself that is a realized man? When you know that you should complete the work on your image?
I started in digital art as a simple hobby and I see that my work is recognized and accepted in various ways that it can be seen in various ways, including financially.
But for me remains a hobby that I love because it does not depend on the digital art financially; but it is good to join the business with pleasure. I would be happier if here in Brazil to digital was more widespread, it is far in relation to other countries.
When I know that the work is complete? That’s simple, I observe the scene and conclude that it is doing nothing more. It is an interesting result for me. Sometimes excess components in a scene can leave it polluted.


 Any plans for future? Have you ever thought to make an e-book with your artwork?
I do not make plans, let happen. At the moment I see no interest with regard to making an e-book or something. My children (2) already spoke of something but I have no interest.
By invitation editors have some of my works exhibited in 4 art magazines. It may be that may one day do something, the future belongs to God.

Thank you Angel for brilliant talk! I wish you all the best with your amazing Art! 🙂


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