My first Nebulae Frontier


I’m a big fan of star wars for many many years. When I was a young girl, I thought for a moment to study astronomy or physics. I always wanted to make illustration with big, long spaceship.
Mostly men-they have natural talent for creating advanced technology, making very unique design of guns, spaceships, military clothing. I am always very surprised when I see new games like Star Citizen. This game is not finish yet, but already I found there great source of inspiration for myself.

On Friday I made my first space screen . I have used Photoshop brushes to create sky, stars, added spice ship called Antares. I had one problem, because object had grey texture and was very big so I was looking for right angle. I manage to change color from bright grey to green metallic .
Later I used the brushes to create planet and nebula but not very big one. This is only my unique vision of cosmic space…. The second pictures which I made is   “Nebulae Frontier”. I wanted show Antares from different angle and made illustration which will look like from seventies. You can see my result. I will make more illustrations with different kind of ships. Also I would like to make my own design in future :).

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