Ghost Stories

For many people, Halloween is a lot of fun, where you have the opportunity get dressed costume of your favorite monster of darkness and take part in the event together with your friends. Some people criticize such events, seeing in this a threat blasphemy and excessive commercialization. Many talented artists create portraits of vampires, demons, spirits of the elements, monsters of blood, darkness and horror. Others share with us pictures with pumpkin, candles, graves, spiders and murderers at the cemetery. Unfortunately, this year I was sick for a week (sinus problems and bronchitis), so I was not able to make my picture in right time. I decided to leave the dark aesthetics and concentrate on the observation of nature. During this period, the leaves fall from the trees, we already have a light frost, fog and in many places the snow covers the ground. I see something romantic, stories of unrequited love, her soul yearns for life or he can not find a place. My picture is different, but I‘m a bit like a cat. I like to walk my own paths.




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